15 Home Design Styles to Motivate a Makeover

What do you see your home as a few months from now? If you want to make significant changes to your home, why not change its entire style? This article might be able to give you better insights into various home design styles available for homeowners like you.

Consider the column: seemingly straightforward, it’s a form with endless permutations, from rough-hewn wood to polished marble to rutted concrete. Home design is like that. A signature style emerges from even the simplest of items. Here, a partial and impressionistic list of styles, with examples drawn from the archives of Mansion. Take the poll at the end to weigh in on your favorite one. rU5t1c

CLASSICISM. Every surface is an opportunity to channel your inner aristocrat: an upholstered fainting couch here, a carved ceiling coffer there. To achieve this look, you’ll need Corinthian columns and multi-layered chandeliers, draperies that truly drape and moldings upon moldings. And don’t forget the rotunda.

MINIMALIST. Simplify. Take the paintings off the walls, the hardware off the cabinets, the tchotchkes off the shelves. Invest in unfussy pieces in neutral colors. Not everyone will be a fan, but perhaps your psyche will benefit from a dose of minimalism.

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