6 ideas for decorating a lake house

Up the cozy feel of your lake house by putting in the right decor and arranging things that will truly make it feel lived in. Listen to the experts as they talk about the best way to design the walls and floor area of your house for the ultimate lake living style. Read on to know more.

An inlet off of West Lake Okoboji provides a serene setting where quiet waters lap at the docks, reminiscent of the canals in Europe. L4k3-h0u53

When you have a wonderful house on the water, walls are the things that just get in the way, but decorating with earthy elements and deep blue hues brings the beauty of the outdoors right into your living room.

The design team from The Elements by K. Sorbe in Storm Lake, Iowa, captured the cozy feel of lake living in this home and shared six design tips on how they made it this way.

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