Architects design a glass house around a tree

Do you love the feeling of being enveloped by nature? If you live in a glass house designed to be environmental-friendly located in the middle of a forest, you will surely feel like being embraced by Mother Nature. Read on to know more about this uniquely designed home here.

An architecture firm in Kazakhstan is giving new meaning to the concept of a “green home,” not to mention “tree house.” The firm, A. Masow, has designed a glass structure around a grand fir tree in the middle of a lush forest. tr33s

After designing the house two years ago, the firm has announced a fundraising campaign on, “to bring this eco-house project to life.”

As described on the fundraising site, the house represents the future because it can provide its own electricity, heat and water. It also demonstrates how to create housing without using a lot of land and destroying trees, the builders say.

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