Evolving decor keeps fresh ideas coming

Home is supposed to be your paradise, your source of relief from a tiring day at work. But if it doesn’t feel that way anymore and you can’t actually buy a new home, change everything that you can afford within the house. If the mom in this story was able to create a beautiful design for her home, you can do it too.

WICHITA, Kan. –Wichita wife and mother Jenifer Sauer, 37, is a sponge for beautiful design that she incorporates into her house in east Wichita. d3c0r

“I wish I could change my house every six months, because I like so many things,” she said.

But she knows she can’t do that, so she prioritizes. She and her husband, Joe, bought their ranch seven years ago, and Jenifer expects that getting the house done the way they want it will be a 10-year project.

Here are places she goes for inspiration, projects that she’s accomplished, and ways she organizes and charts her ideas.

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