Feeling Burned: What to Do If Your Home Contractor Doesn’t Complete the Work

How do you deal with a contractor who stopped showing up in the middle of your home remodeling project? If you can no longer get your hands on that contractor, the only thing left for you to do is to pursue a legal action. But you can always avoid this kind of situation if you go for the licensed contractors in the first place.

A Fort Washington, Maryland, woman told the News4 I-Team she felt cheated by the contractors she hired to help rebuild her home after a fire. c0n7r4ct0r5

“He said, ‘Well I know you don’t want your neighbors to see your house looking like this, so as soon as I get that contract, I’ll get it repaired,'” said Ora Patterson of the man she said came to her door in 2010. A blaze had just consumed her kitchen and destroyed the first floor of the house.

“He didn’t begin the work. I canceled the contract,” Patterson said. “And then he in turn sued me. I think I got ripped off, yes, definitely.”

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