The DIY Designer: Decorating with hand-me-down family pieces

If you think you’ve hoarded quite enough family pieces at home, you might end up with a cluttered interior. But if you can’t still let them go, you can repaint them or try to mix and match them with other pieces. Be creative and find more designer ideas from this DIY designer’s article.

We don’t get rid of much in my family. We aren’t hoarders, but we can’t very easily toss aside a kitchen table that our grandfather used to sit at every time we saw him. Regardless of whether anyone needs it or not after he is gone, we can’t just get rid of it. It’s just not in us. AnT1qu3

I might be the worst one in the family when it comes to “letting go” of family furniture and knickknacks. The problem, though, is that not all those inherited pieces fit with my décor style. I used to just live with that little fact. But I’ve realized that my grandmother would prefer me to paint her china cabinet to fit in with my own style, rather than holding on to it just because. Here are a few “guidelines,” so to speak, that I’ve come up with for decorating with hand-me-down family pieces.

Yes, you can paint it.

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