Understanding house plans: Will a life-size model help? (photos)

You don’t have to bear with the architect talk that you don’t understand while talking about floor plans when you can look at a physical model. That’s what the architects in this article did to communicate better with their clients. Learn more about what model they used during their floor plan talk here.

Architects designing your remodel, room addition or new house really want you to get the picture before a wall comes down or a window goes in. fL009-pL4N

Architect Michelle LaFoe and Isaac Campbell of Office 52, an architecture, planning and design firm in Portland, use blocks to start the conversation with clients. As the design ideas progress, they make scaled models with windows and other details that help everyone easily see the future.

“Expecting clients to understand 2D sectional drawings and Revit construction detail drawings in print or on a flat computer screen at meetings throughout several months is not realistic,” says LaFoe.

More of their clients, from first-time remodelers to retirees building their dream house, are asking to see physical models.

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